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About Us

AlWasila Disaster Relief provides relief to people who have been affected by disasters and calamities by addressing immediate concerns such as food and shelter as well as long-term rehabilitation through financial, medical, and emotional support.

Our Mission

To provide relief to people who have been affected by disasters and calamities by addressing immediate concerns such as food and shelter as well as long term rehabilitation efforts through financial and medical and emotional support.

What we do?

Provide Relief

When calamity strikes, AlWasila Disaster Relief Fund provides supplies for immediate relief such as food, clean water, medical assistance and supplies as well as shelter to the survivors. Spiritual counseling is also offered through Quran classes.


In the case of devastating disasters where people lose their home and means of income, families are adopted through the Fund and provided with housing and food supplies for the initial months following the disaster. To promote financial self-reliance, start-up loans are arranged for them through Rozgar.


Al-Wasila Trust Disaster Relief works with other welfare organisations so as to expand the circle of relief and maximize efforts. The following is the participation of our Disaster Relief team with these organisations in different capacities.

(The statistics depict the joint effort of AlWasila Disaster Relief and affiliated organisations)


Tents 4050
People helped 15620
Washrooms built 35
Play areas/madarsa/school 9
Orphans and widows taken care of 9211 and 2800
Masjid 1
Bread plant 33600 daily
Health care 8000 $ plus 270 deranged and disabled patients taken care of
Iftar 6500
Eid donations 5500 families covered
Sacrificial animals 76


Water project10000 people daily in 3hree district, Yayo, Grancho, Kino
Rozgar (livelihood) 1700 people,412 females,Stitching machines
Ration 12000 families till now,800 families per month.
Orphanage 610 kids in orphanage
Medical care 390 wheel chairs.
Eid ul azha 300 sacrifice last year


orphanage 1750 orphans
Food ration 625 houses get monthly rations
Elderly home get rations every 3 month
Medical aid ,4000$ monthly
Iftar 1300
Eid ul azha 44 cows


Food rations Supporting Boat survivors 1700 families, in Aceh,
2 months 3000 people food.
Education 2 masjid
1 school
Rozgar (livelihood) Fishing net
Donations Within Burma- arakan-1200 families monthly 25 dollars each
Iftar 3600
Masjid90 buffaloes


Baluchistan earthquake 2009 3.2 million collected Basic necessities and shelter
Sindh floods 2010 30 million Basic necessities of 18000 people and adopting 88 families by providing them initial housing, food supplies and start-up loans. Six boats were purchased to rescue people and bring them to land.
Sindh floods 2011 15 million rupees Mostly disbursed as food supplies. Boats were again used to rescue people and the cattle on which their livelihoods depend
Badin flood 2011 17.5 million Mostly prepared food and 2 boats
Awaran flood 2013 5.5 million 5.5 million
Jacobabad flood 2012 1.5 million Medicines
Chitral flood 2015 6.5 million Food rations and building houses

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Types of Fund

You can make a donation to Zakat or Sadqa Fund.

You can make a Zakat or Sadqa contribution to support Muslims victims in Burma

Amenities and services

If you would like to contribute any amenities and services please contact us.