Ummati’s Response to Gaza’s Humanitarian Cris

Ummati's Response to Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis: Nourishing Lives Amidst War In the midst of the intensifying challenges faced by the...

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Top amazing Pakistani Social workers

Social working can be called a profession for people around the world but the social workers in Pakistan think of...

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Is Deen And Religion The Same? 

Clear your mind with the term "Deen" before you start. Although you may be familiar with the word "Deen," you...

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Charity Organizations in Pakistan

All world religions place a high value on charity, thus charity organization. And specifically, Islam encourages and asks Muslims to help...

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PM Announces Clean & Green Pakistan Effort In Response To Global Warming Problem

Skipper Imran Khan has launched the Clean and Green Pakistan program on November 15th, 2019 to reduce environmental deterioration and...

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Hadith About Sadaqah And Its Importance In Islam

When you think of sadaqah, you probably think of donating money, or maybe you think of donating food, water, clothes,...

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Top 7 Pakistani welfare organizations that have proudly represented their country!

As a result of the country's low living conditions, Pakistani social welfare groups have stepped up to ensure no family...

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