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Charity Organizations in Pakistan
Charity Organizations in Pakistan

Charity Organizations in Pakistan

All world religions place a high value on charity, thus charity organization. And specifically, Islam encourages and asks Muslims to help other Muslims. In this blog, we will discuss a good understanding of the value of charity and how it may benefit both the giver and the recipient. To better grasp charity, we will also look at a few of the terms’ literary meanings in this section. 

It’s a little bit outdated to define a charity organization as “an entity involved in aid of the needy.” Charities can now support various causes, from helping individuals in need financially to promoting endangered animals and sustainability considerations. A charity organization in Pakistan is “founded and maintained for objectives which are favorable to the public good.” There is a lot of charity organization in Pakistan, but what exactly separates a charity from a nonprofit organization? What distinguishes a public charity from a private one? And how do charities and nonprofits organization differ from one another? The next part comprises the answers to all of these queries.

What is a charity organization?

A charity organization operates intending to assist the general public.

  • A charity organization’s objectives must be those permitted by law to be charitable. For instance, relieving poverty and advancing the arts, culture, legacy, or science among people.
  • It must be created only for what is known as the public good. That implies that its sole objective must come in generosity.
  • Charity organizations are unable to turn a profit. They must use every penny they raise to fulfill their objectives. Owners or stockholders who stand to gain from a charity organization are not permitted.

Difference between nonprofit and charity organization

An organization is defined as nonprofit if it uses its revenue and profits to further its primary aim. It has no expenditure requirements and can engage in various philanthropic, enjoyable, recreational, welfare, and civic betterment activities. On the other hand, a charity organization is a category of a nonprofit that carries out initiatives to enhance community life. It has spending requirements and exclusively participates in philanthropic endeavors. While charities and NGOs have some differences, both continue to play a crucial role in creating stronger communities worldwide.


An organization is classified as a nonprofit if it uses its revenue and profits to further its primary aim. On the contrary, a charity organization is a category of a nonprofit organization that works to enhance community life.


All charity organizations are nonprofits, but not all nonprofit organizations are charities.

Giving receipts

Since a nonprofit cannot issue official donation receipts, it cannot claim tax breaks. On the other hand, a charity can issue formal permits for contributions for income tax deductions, enabling them to obtain tax benefits.


Nonprofit organizations engage in various pursuits, including charitable, enjoyable, recreational, welfare, and civic advancement. On the other hand, charities solely work for social purposes.

Budgetary requirements

Charity organizations have fixed expenditure requirements; nonprofit organizations do not.

What obligations does a charity organization have?

Most likely, the board of directors of a charity organization will assist in overseeing its operations. This board will be charged with several duties to ensure the charity lives up to expectations. For instance, having a clear purpose is one of the criteria for a charity organization. The board of directors is responsible for carrying out this task if the goal is not achieved or is not sufficiently apparent in how the charity appears. A charity organization should also tell its supporters and the public about changes to its stance and objectives.

This ensures that representatives and the general public have an open relationship with the organization they are giving money. Some people may support an organization or activity more or less depending on changes to the organization or activity’s goals. A charity’s contact with the general public is one of its duties. To be considered a genuine charity, an organization must also operate as a nonprofit. It implies that it must make financial donations to the community that supports it.

What advantages do charity organizations offer?

In the commercial sector, some advantages of choosing a charity as your legal organization are debatable, especially regarding tax reduction. Because of this, charities are closely scrutinized, and their obligations must be taken seriously. A charity as a corporate entity has several advantages:

Tax reduction

Charity organizations may qualify for a variety of tax breaks, giving them additional money at their disposal to invest in initiatives that further their objectives. When submitting a tax exemption application to the IRS, it could be wise to seek advice from a tax adviser.

High Popularity:

Never pay attention to what others may say about you! Although the catchphrase may ring true on a personal level, it’s critical to maintain positive relations with customers and donors in the commercial world. Establishing a charity may make the world aware that you’re attempting to do well. In other words, folks who support charities value them and respect them.

Grant Qualification:

You are qualified to apply for financial awards if your company is a nonprofit organization. Due to the likelihood that it will serve as one of your charity organization’s primary sources of revenue, this should not be taken lightly.

Ten best fundraising organizations in Pakistan

Transparent Hands Trust:

In our list of the Top 15 Charity Organizations in Pakistan, Transparent Hands Trust is ranked first. The charity Transparent Hands Trust, Pakistan’s first online platform for crowdsourcing in the healthcare industry, aims to offer the most outstanding surgical care to thousands of impoverished patients. Through its web portal, Transparent Hands Trust connects billions of donors worldwide to assist in supporting these patients’ treatments. Additionally, it makes sure to offer donors a clear fundraising structure. Through the hospital bills placed on Transparent Hand’s online portal, donors are assured that every dollar they provide will be used for the surgery of needy patients.

Alwasila Trust:

One of Pakistan’s Top 10 Charitable Organizations is Alwasila Trust. It is a Karachi-based nonprofit charity organization that provides numerous humanitarian services throughout Pakistan. Alwasila Trust has been involved in flood relief and other disaster relief operations for many years. The group also maintains clean water initiatives, runs ambulances, establishes medical camps, helps incarcerated individuals, and provides products and resources to those in need.

Edhi Foundation:

Edhi Foundation is the most well-known charity organization in Pakistan, which offers social welfare services and operates regardless of profit, politics, or community. Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi (late) and Mrs. Bilquis Edhi were given awards and shields by governmental and non-governmental organizations on a national and international level for their outstanding contributions to humanity in various fields by providing services around-the-clock regardless of race, class, or religion. Edhi has the largest ambulance fleet in the world.

Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital:

Khan founded Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, one of Pakistan’s most prominent charity organizations. Imran Khan, who achieved fame via his outstanding cricket career and is currently the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), the country’s second-largest political party to date, has a deep concern for those who are afflicted with this fatal illness. When it was opened, this venerable hospital offered cancer patients the only available medical care. Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital uses cutting-edge equipment and sophisticated technology to successfully diagnose and treat a variety of cancers in Lahore and Peshawar. The organization provides trained medical professionals to anyone who cannot afford to pay for cancer treatment. The hospital rescues those infected from the brink of death and does not charge them a single cent.

Chhipa Welfare Association:

Ramzan Chhipa launched the Chhipa Welfare Association in 2007, another of Pakistan’s most influential charity organization. Ambulance services and providing low-income individuals with free or inexpensive food are among its activities. The organization has its main office in Karachi and runs operations there. Chhipa Welfare Association is a wholly nonprofit organization that works to benefit humanity without regard to caste, creed, or color.

Aurat Foundation:

The Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation (Aurat Foundation/AF) was founded in 1986 as a national, nonprofit, and non-governmental charity organization in Pakistan under the Societies’ Regulation Act of 1860. The foundation is dedicated to fostering widespread support for a just, democratic, and compassionate society in Pakistan where women and men are respected as equals and have the freedom to live lifestyles with integrity. Over the past 29 years, Aurat Foundation has gained recognition on a national and international scale as one of the top organizations for establishing, facilitating, and boosting systems and organizations of civil society to foster cooperation and trust by many citizens to increase public stress for female equality in the nation.

Ansar Burney Trust:

The Ansar Burney Trust is a non-governmental, political, profit charity organization that strives to act against all sorts of inequality, child maltreatment, hostility to women, and other less mild forms of human and civil rights offenses without regard to allegiance. Ansar Burney personally is the head of the NGO, which works to inform people while offering free legal counsel, assistance, and humanitarian relief when necessary. To bring about reform in police stations, jails, and mental health facilities, as well as to strive for the assistance, counsel, release, rehab, and welfare of those being held inhumanely and unjustly as prisoners and psychiatric patients, they have also founded the “Inmates Aid Society.”

Darul Sukun:

 Darul Sukun is another remarkable facility that provides comfort for children and people with mental disabilities. Such people of society who have been abandoned by their dear ones are given a home by this renowned NGO. It is populated by disabled people who reside on the streets and are exposed to their dear ones’ cruel treatment.

Pakistan’s Al-Khidmat Foundation:

The nonprofit Al-Khidmat Foundation provides a variety of humanitarian services throughout Pakistan. Al-Khidmat Foundation has been involved in flood relief and other types of disaster relief operations for many years. The group also maintains clean water initiatives, runs ambulances, establishes medical camps, helps incarcerated individuals, and distributes products and resources to those in need.


EHSAS also ranks in the Top 10 Charity Organizations in Pakistan. Based in Chakwal and Islamabad, EHSAS is an NGO. Its initiatives focus on various fields, such as community relationships, medicine, and poverty reduction. In addition to the EHSAS blood bank, the EHSAS library, the EHSAS hepatitis education and vaccination initiative, the EHSAS agricultural development program, and the EHSAS good governance program are all ongoing initiatives.

Role Of Charity Organizations In Pakistan

The charity organization’s “charitable purposes”—also referred to as its “for public benefit”—must aid the general population.

Things used for charitable reasons include those that help:

  • Combating poverty
  • Educational
  • Religion
  • Healthcare
  • Preserving life
  • Civic engagement or community building
  • The arts
  • Beginner athletics
  • Human rights
  • Race or religious concord
  • Safeguarding the ecosystem
  • Animal rights
  • The effectiveness of the cops, fire, medical, and military services
Questions and Answers
Which is the biggest donor in Pakistan?

The Edhi Foundation, established in Pakistan by Abdul Sattar Edhi, is the largest volunteer ambulance network in the world. Edhi devoted his life to the needy starting at the age of 20, as he was impoverished in Karachi, unlike wealthy people who finance charities with one’s name.

Where can I donate to charity in Pakistan?

There are some known charity organizations in Pakistan whom you can trust to give your money as a donation

  • Edhi foundation
  • Al-wasila
  • Ehsaas
  • Shaukat Khanam cancer hospital
  • Chipa welfare trust
  • Ansar Burney international trust
  • Aurat foundation
  • Daar-ul-Sukoon, etc.
What are the 3 types of charities?
  • International Development NGOs. 
  • Disaster Relief and Humanitarian NGOs. 
  • Conservation NGOs
Ranked one charity organization in Pakistan

Alwasila raises a voice on behalf of people and the needs that must be met. It serves as a link and medium of communication between those in need, the government, and the larger community. Alwasila, a nonprofit charity organization, is crucial to societies in one form or another.

By soliciting donations from you and providing aid to the needy, Alwasila aims to do relief services through their charity organization in Pakistan to build a society where poor and marginalized communities, especially children and women, are socially, economically, and politically empowered via their active involvement.