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To provide free medical assistance in low-income areas through diagnosis and treatment by Dawwa (medicine) and Dua (prayer).

Since Allah has created the cure for every disease, Muslims are encouraged to seek the cure to recover from illness and to facilitate people in treating their ailments through conventional medicine by making healthcare accessible.

  1. To facilitate people in treating their ailments through conventional medicine by making healthcare accessible.
  2. Making religious knowledge available to alleviate suffering.

“And declare (O Muhammad) that [the Quran] is a guidance and healing for the believers”. (Al-Fussilat, 41:44)

If an individual from a low-income family falls ill, they cannot seek treatment due to the high expenses at conventional hospitals and clinics. Lack of finances for any treatment causes them to suffer severely, even in cases where the ailment is fairly simple and easily treatable.

Markaz-e-Shifa was founded as a free-for-all medical service that offers diagnosis and treatment to fill the gap in healthcare in low-income areas.


To seek the pleasure and reward of Almighty Allah and help others in doing so as well.

How does Markaz e Shifa work:

Run entirely on Sadqa and Zakat (donation and alms), Markaz is a free-of-charge medical service available in 11 areas in and around the outskirts of Karachi. A doctor is present one day of the week at a designated space in each area.

When a patient visits Markaz-e-Shifa, they are initially assessed by the doctor who, upon diagnosis, prescribes either conventional allopathic medicine or homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy medicine can be obtained free of cost from the practitioner, and some basic allopathic medicines for common ailments such as fever, cough and cold are also available. Patients who are diagnosed with an ailment requiring further specialized care or surgical procedure are referred to hospitals and facilities that offer them. Often their treatment is also arranged through Markaz by sponsors and donors.

Markaz-e-Shifa treats approximately 1000-1500 patients a month, with an expanding capacity of treating about 2200 per month.

Markaz runs entirely on a Zakat fund at an average of Rs.50,000- per month, which covers the doctor’s salary as well as medical costs. Since Markaz is a sister concern of Rozgar, most of the spaces it operates are houses volunteered by people supported by the Rozgar Fund. The rest of the spaces are at a nominal rent of Rs.1,500- per month.

Through Markaz-e-Shifa, several children have successfully undergone heart surgery. Markaz has also played a key role in successful procedures of artificial limbs, hip joints, liver & kidney treatment, and handling accident cases. An average Markaz sponsors treatments worth Rs. 2.5 million in a year.


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Contact Us:

If you are a medical practitioner and would like to support Markaz through volunteering some of your time and services please contact us.

Our Markaz in Karachi:

1. Malir Nazar Ali Town Commercial Patti Near Jinnah Square.
2. Malir Saudia Colony Near Tanveer Bakery and Tanki.
3. Mehran Town Korangi Band Wali Road Near Masjid e Ameer Hamza.
4. 51 K Korangi Opposite Govt. Technical College 51 A
5. Korangi Ibrahim Hyderi Opposite PAF Base.
6. KDA Near Allah Wala Town Crossing.
7. Baloch Para Korangi Near Ali Akber Shah Goath.