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Rehen Sehen, a part of Alwasila Trust, turns your spare items into acts of generosity, breathing new life into them for those in need. Whether it’s decluttering or home updates, your extra belongings—from furniture to home decor—can significantly aid families facing economic hardships. Donating even simple items like curtains or blankets can provide substantial support, particularly for families celebrating life events like weddings.

We also offer food rations at reduced prices to our members, further alleviating their daily challenges. With a dedicated team of collectors and craftsmen, plus a well-equipped studio, we ensure your contributions are refurbished and appreciated anew. By donating to Rehen Sehen, you’re not just making room in your house; you’re making a meaningful investment in your community and the hereafter. Let’s craft stories of hope and renewal together, one donation at a time.

How to Donate?

We know that getting your hoard and clutter to the right place might take quite some time and initiative. So we decided to trim your effort and whenever you have something you don’t need, give us a buzz. Our collector will come over and get it off your hand.

The collected material is taken to the refurbishing warehouse where our craftsmen revamp it and it is then displayed at the Rehen Sehen studio.

Who can buy?

The donee is anyone whose collective family income is within the limits of 30,000 rupees per month. Our team will verify and after verification, the donee will be given a registration and allotted a certain budget for their shopping. They may come to the studio and shop at an 80% discount for crockery, cutlery, clothes, furniture, appliances etc without the worry that they cannot afford it.

What do we do?

What do we do?

Our mission is to seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty and help others in doing so as well! The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said: Allah has declared: “Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.” (Bukhaari, Muslim)

And Speaking of spending in charity, we introduce you to Rehen Sehen; a network where all useful clutter and stow-aways are refurbished to as good as new and sold at a 20% rebudgeted cost to give the underprivileged an opportunity to buy what they require.

Let’s become part of completing the puzzle. Some homes lack certain pieces of the puzzle and they are with you. Through Rehen Sehen, we redirect all that you don’t need to those who do, and this is how we complete the picture. It is an opportunity to relieve yourself of the frustration you feel when you open a closet and see the hoard. Put those ”it-might-come-in-handy-someday” whispers to rest by handing over all your suffocating collection to us.
What do we collect? We collect anything and everything; from old clothes to worn-out furniture, dog eared books to mismatched crockery; you name it, we want it. Avoid putting yourself through arduous and intimidating spring cleanings by regularly giving your clutter to us. Let Rehen Sehen make your living and home space lighter, liberated, and comfortable.


Ans: The main reason for charging is because Rehen Sehen is a nonprofit outfit and needs to generate enough revenue to become self sufficient to support its team, picking goods from donor(s), refurbishing, and projects amongst other expenses. For this reason, a bare minimum is taken to cover costs and expenditure.

Ans: Only verified and registered members can buy and shop.

Ans: Yes, the employer of the registered donee or any other person(s) may settle the bill although the shopping will be done by the member.