What is it?
The Alwasila Power Box is a two way box that is a part of your home. It is a cozy tissue-paper-plus- calendar unit that is much more than just a penny bank. It is a reminder for you to teach your children the importance of saving and sharing. A list of occasion is printed on it to guide you when to drop in few rupees. Whether it is left over change, or any amount other, this box ensures that you have a medium instantly available to you.
Suggestion List: You can drop in some khair;
  • For any good news in the family
  • For an upcoming family or business event
  • Before and during Exams
  • If sickness befalls any family member
  • When the family is going through a hard time
  • Before starting a new project/work
  • As a fine for delaying salah
  • Before or after purchasing something new
  • For feeling blessed
  • In gratitude
  • To help fellow Muslims in troubled lands

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Power Box Popup Landing Page


Simply because you want to please Allah, help ease pain, and secure your akhirah. Sadaqah is one of the clearest indications of the sincerity of one’s faith, a cure for greed, and protector from calamities and trials. When this is such a powerful act, why not get the Power Box and start spreading khair

And What is more?

You don’t have to worry about who to give it to. We collect it from your home and deliver it to the deserving. We will also add you to our whatsapp group where updates and surprises will keep this interaction fresh and alive.

How It Works


The Al Wasila Power Box is ready for you to fill with contributions. Give us a call or fill out the form here. Our team will reach out to you shortly.


The power box is totally free! That means you don’t need to pay a thing and what makes these boxes truly amazing is what Al Wasila is doing.

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The Power of Support

Al-Wasila has been working hard to bring something genuinely unique and it has finally arrived!
This is your chance to share good deeds with others in more ways than one.